Aroma de Cuba Vintage 4 Cigar Sampler

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  • Aroma de Cuba Vintage 4 Cigar Sampler
MSRP: $36.40
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Another Vintage cigar sampler! La Aroma de Cuba cigars age extremely well. Dates range from 2016 to 2018.

Every store overbuys on certain cigars that sell well, and a few boxes sit there in the humidor for a while. Some retailers choose to label them "Certified Vintage" or some such nonsense and then jack the prices uo. . Nah...that's not our style....we're here to sell tobacco fast and in great quantity. We'll take the fast nickel over the slow dime any day!

You get 1 each of the following 4 LADC Cigars:

1  2017 Vintage LADC Classic Monarch (6x52)

1 2016 Vintage LADC Mi Amor Valentino (6x60)

1 2017 Vintage LADC Mi Amor Reserva Maximo (5.5x54)

1 2018 Vintage LADC Mi Amor Churchill (7x50)

That's a retail value of over 36 bucks for $29.99!

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