Fonseca Wicked Vintage Sampler!

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  • Fonseca Wicked Vintage Sampler!
MSRP: $29.80
— You save $7.81


Here's a great sampler at a ridiculous price. Every store overbuys on certain cigars that sell well, and a few boxes sit there in the humidor for a while. Some retailers choose to label them "Certified Vintage" or some such nonsense and then jack the prices up. Nah...that's not our style....we're here to sell tobacco fast and in great quantity. We'll take the fast nickel over the slow dime any day!

Most of these Fonsecas are old! The last time we ordered the 7-9-9, 5-50 Maduro and 10-10 Natural was in 2015. We didn't date boxes back then so we know that with the exception of the 10-10 Maduro (2017 Vintage) the others are all 2015 (maybe earlier there aren't even any bar codes on them, and these all came in the old style packaging. Let's get these outta here! Don Pepin Garcia bought the Fonseca name and we need to make room for his version when they arrive!


You get 1 each of the following four "Wicked Vintage" cigars-

1 2015 Vintage Fonseca 10-10 Natural (7x50)

1 2015 Vintage Fonseca 7-9-9 Natural (6.5 x 46)

1 2015 Vintage Fonseca 5-50 Maduro (5x50)

1 2017 Vintage Fonseca 10-10 Maduro (7x50)

That's a retail value of $29.80 for $21.99!

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