Limited Release Pipe Tobacco Schedule

Our “Limited Release” blends are those which take more time and/or special processing than our (intentionally) small operation could handle by offering them on our regular menu. Every batch is hand-cased and blended by me, your humble OCD-ridden perfectionist, Ernie Q. My mantra is twofold-“Different is not the same” (If a certain component becomes un-available, we retire the blend) and “Quality over quantity” (which is self-explanatory). Here’s when to start looking for our limited releases-

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Simply Red and Rhythm & Blues -Available quarterly. No dates are set in stone but in general we shoot for January, April, July and October. It really depends on how insanely busy we are.

Rouxgaroux- Available twice per year. Once on April 1st and once on October 31st.

Glass Slipper- This was a Micro-Batch Project release that was wildly successful. It requires a 1990’s crop blended Turkish. We used what we had but were able to find a decent amount more. Unlike some companies who seemingly have an endless supply of rare vintage tobacco (wink wink). we do not play that game. We have exactly 60 pounds which is enough to make around 400 pounds total. We will begin to release Glass Slipper in bulk format starting around Late August 2022 and will continue producing it until the Turkish is gone.

All limited release blends are strictly 1 Pound per customer per day.