Goss 5th Anniversary by Cavalier Geneve 6.5x48

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$12.49 - $109.99
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"Who was that clown?"

"How far did he have to chase the colorblind hooker to get those shoes?"

"What, did Elvis have a love child with Kaleidoscope?"

These are all things our customers have said after meeting famed New England Cigar Rep Nick Goss. He may be a flaming egomaniac with poor fashion choices, but he's our flaming egomaniac and we love him for what he is.

Goss teamed up with Cavalier Geneve for this beautiful delicious stick- The cigar is a 6.5X48 Toro wrapped in San Andreas leaf with a Connecticut Binder filled with leaf from Pennsylvanie, Condega, Jalapa and Jamastran.



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