Watch City's "Double Barrel" Christmas Blend 2020 16 oz Bulk

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  • Watch City's "Double Barrel" Christmas Blend 2020


SOLD OUT We start with a mixed Virginia ribbon and cure it with Demerara rum. Our Crumb Cut Burley is cured with Jefferson Reserve Bourbon, and a precious hoarded cache of Gawith & Hoggarth Black Cavendish is given a light "burnt sugar" flavoring (think caramel-like). This is not a typical aromatic! The flavoring is present and enhances and steers the natural tobacco flavors of this Virginia/Burley mixture, but in no way overpowers them.

Limited Release Blend. Limit 16 ounces per customer no exceptions. All multiple orders will be cancelled and refunded.

CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO A MASSACHUSETTS ADDRESS- As Ironic as it sounds we cannot ship this to customers within our own state. We decided that we could not justify NOT making this wonderful blend for our national and abroad customers just because Massachusetts does not allow  flavored tobacco. I apologize to those Massachusetts residents who were looking forward to this blend, but we suggest that instead of directing your anger and frustrations at us, you direct it towards your state representatives.


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