4th Generation

4th Generation Limited Edition Small Batch Freja & Loki - 2 oz. Tin

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From a deep, rich foundation of dark Burley, Black Cavendish, and genuine St. James Perique ascend tangy, matured Old Belt Reds, zesty Canadian Brights, and small-leaf Katerini from Greece. Further elevated by notes of mulled wine and stone fruits, the result is a balanced mixture that holds both the light – and the dark – in perfect harmony.

This year’s 4th Generation Small Batch blend pays homage to my grandfather’s storied exhibition, specifically two figural pipes from his collection – one made of wood, the other from meerschaum – both dating to the 1800s.

In 1948 my grandfather opened a pipe and tobacco exhibition at the Møntergården, a cultural museum in Odense, Denmark, that specialized in the Viking history of the region. Comprising nearly 500 unique pipes from all over the world – including rare clay and porcelain pipes from the 1600s, as well as ceremonial pipes from the far east and the Americas – his collection became a permanent installation until the early 1960s.

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