Massachusetts Orders


MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS- YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. PLEASE READ THIS!  Because Watch City Cigar Co. resides in the state of Massachusetts and is responsible for the payment of Massachusetts tobacco excise tax which is based on the wholesale cost of the tobacco product, all tobacco products shipped or billed to a Massachusetts address will have 20% to 30% excise tax added, based on the wholesale cost of the product.  In addition, a 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax will be added to all products on all orders shipped or billed to a Massachusetts address.

This is the law. Please address all complaints to your state reps.

NOTE TO ANY  PERSON VISITING OUR BRICK AND MORTAR STORE IN FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS: The Massachusetts Excise text is built in to all cigars and tobacco products on our store shelves. we cannot give you out of state prices unless the product is ordered from outside Massachusetts and shipped outside of  Massachusetts. Expect to pay 20% to 30% higher prices in the brick and mortar store. This is due to Massachusetts cigar and tobacco excise tax. Thank You for your understanding.

Seriously...if one more of you comes in with a list from the website demanding to pay "tax-free" website prices and tells us "That's not the way taxes work?" We've been doing this for 30 years and can tell you that is EXACTLY how taxes work. We have to pay them...and so do you. All sales in Massachusetts including orders with a Massachusetts billing and/or shipping address are subject to Mass tobacco and sales tax. Period. Got an issue with it? Want to come in the store and call us thieves? I suggest you call the Mass. DOR. They will laugh at you and probably flag you for an audit for being a right idiot. That is all.


FLAVORED TOBACCO IS ILLEGAL TO SHIP TO OR SELL IN THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. AS OF JUNE 1ST, 2020, NO FLAVORED CIGARS OR TOBACCO CAN BE SHIPPED TO A MASSACHUSETTS ADDRESS OR SOLD AT OUR BRICK AND MORTAR STORE.  This goes for online "Pick up in Store" orders as well. (Seriously. We used to wonder why our regulations and rules are so stringent in this state. Now we's because you people are all dullards.) Clearly stated in GLARING RED on each applicable product page it states "CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO A MASSACHUSETTS ADDRESS" yet without fail 4+ times per week you folks order a flavored product(s) on-line for store pickup as if "Store Pickup" is some magical term for "The laws aren't applicable to me". They are. If you order 500 bucks worth of flavored tobacco from us for "In Store Pickup"? We're not even gonna call you anymore. We're gonna let you schlep you're butt to the shop, then we're gonna watch you tear up because you aren't getting squat. We will refund your credit card online...and it will take a few days to go through and that will add to the misery you brought upon yourself for not paying attention. Have a nice day!