Massachusetts Orders

MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS- YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. PLEASE READ THIS!  Because Watch City Cigar Co. resides in the state of Massachusetts and is responsible for the payment of Massachusetts tobacco excise tax which is based on the wholesale cost of the tobacco product, all tobacco products shipped or billed to a Massachusetts address will have 20% to30% excise tax added, based on the wholesale cost of the product.  In addition, a 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax will be added to all products on all orders shipped or billed to a Massachusetts address.

This is the law. Please address all complaints to your local representatives.

NOTE TO ANY  PERSON VISITING OUR BRICK AND MORTAR STORE IN FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS: The Massachusetts Excise text is built in to all cigars and tobacco products on our store shelves. we cannot give you out of state prices unless the product is ordered from outside Massachusetts and shipped outside of  Massachusetts. Expect to pay 20% to 30% higher prices in the brick and mortar store. This is due to Massachusetts cigar and tobacco excise tax. Thank You for your understanding.