Frequently Asked Qs

Q: Why do you call yourself “Watch City”?
A: Our cigar store started in 1996 the tobacco section of a convenience store on the main drag in Waltham, Massachusetts - also known as the "Watch City" because it was home to the famous Waltham Watch Co. Your dad or granddad may actually own a Watch City pocket watch! Buy him a Watch City cigar or pipe and start up a conversation!

Q: Do you really blend your own tobacco, or do you just re-name bulk tobacco blends?
A: We absolutely DO blend our own tobaccos! Every tobacco with the Watch City name is formulated and blended on the premises!

Q: How did you guys learn how to blend tobacco? Is there a book on the subject?
A: We certainly wish there was a book on the subject! We would have started blending a lot sooner! When we first got a notion to start blending, we invariably came up with some horrible un-smokable crap. Pipe tobacco blending knowledge is a very tightly guarded area, and when asked, most “master blenders” would shut up tighter than a constipated librarian at a Slayer concert. Trial, error, error and more trials got us started. A very few notable blenders in the industry (you know who you are!) Have shared bits of their knowledge with us along the way and to them we are indebted!

Q: Can you make a custom blend for me?
A: At this time, we do not custom blend for individual customers, however we have been known to formulate and produce blends on a larger scale for pipe clubs. If that’s the case, give us a call with your requirements and we’ll be happy to quote you!

Q: When I order a pipe, will I get the pipe I see on the page?
A: We can't believe that this is actually a question we get asked frequently, and we can't believe that some outfits use "Getting the same pipe you see" as a marketing strategy. Of course you get the pipe pictured! We've sold ad infinitum number of pipes over the years and our tobacconists have personally bought many pipes from online retailers and Not once has the "old switcheroo" ever taken place....any outfit that shows you one item and sends you another wouldn't be able to stay in business very long.

Q: How are your pipes measured?
A: Our pipes are measured with a device called a Dial Caliper and measurements are given in Imperial units. (That’s inches, folks).

  • Length: This is the overall length measured from the tip (lip) of the stem to the part of the bowl which is furthest from you while smoking
  • Bowl Diameter: We measure from the left side of the bowl to the right side around the rim. In cases such as dramatically shaped oval bowls, dimensions from front to back are given as well.
  • Bowl Height: We measure from the center of the top of the bowl to the furthest point directly under the bowl
  • Chamber Diameter: This is a measurement of the tobacco chamber, and it a measurement of the width from one side of the inner wall to the other at the uppermost edge. "Conical" or "Tapered" bowls are marked as such.
  • Chamber Depth: We measure with a device called a "Depth Gauge" This measurement is taken from the bottom center of the bowl to the edge of the rim.

Q: When I called Watch City for some info, your representative had the personality of slightly dry sloth dung. Why would you employ someone like this?
A: Yeah, that’d be Barry. He’s been here for 20 years and has issues. We’ve tried to get rid of him. We’ve tried moving and not giving him the new address, drove him blindfolded 150 miles out of town and dropped him in the breakdown lane, tried arsenic, neutering, stern talking-to’s and “YFG pep talks”.  He’s come back like Rasputin every time…but in the end, he’s our Rasputin.

Q: Why don't you accept PayPal

A: We tried, but PayPal now refuses to do business with new internet tobacconists. Originally they grandfathered the ones they had, but the rumor is that is going to change.

Q: What about special orders?
A: We’ve been in business for a long time and can get pretty much anything. If you don’t see it, just shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

Q: Do you sell Cuban cigars yet? I heard they are legal now!
A: Cuban cigars are ABSOLUTELY not legal to sell in this country. Regardless of what you may have heard, nothing has changed with the embargo as far as retailing Cuban cigars in the USA.

Q: OK, but you sell Cuban cigars
A: On occasion, a customer will forgo the fact that we’ve been in the cigar biz for close to 25 years, and insist that Cuban cigars are, in fact, legal for us to sell. Please understand that this will not change the fact they unquestionably are NOT legal to sell in the USA and that further attempts to “educate us on the subject” will not be met with a sensitive reply.

Q: Do you ship Cigarettes or RYO Tobacco?
A: It is illegal to ship cigarettes or RYO tobacco in the USA. Locals can feel free to visit our store for all their Cigarette and RYO needs!

Q: Why are you guys so Rude?

A: Dude. We have a TShirt right here that explains it. "We're Not Rude, We're Boston Nice". Really though? We're New Englanders. Born and raised. There's a certain way we do things. We used to try and conform to the phony "Retail Affability" but it always felt like we were acting. Look...If you call us and tell us there was an issue with your order? We're gonna bend over sideways to make it right. You want tobacco recommendations? It is our absolute joy to get to know your particular tastes and find something that you'll come back for. You wanna come in/Call and give us business advice? You want special treatment? You want to come in and showroom us? (Touch every goddamn cigar in the store, then go home and buy it online) Nah. Ain't nobody got time for that happy B.S. In the end, yeah we're jerks but we're your jerks! If you want great tobacco, great advice and unique pipe blends? We got your back. You want to call and chat for 5 hours? Want us to give you a pat on the back and an "'atta boy" for showing us the great box of (fake) Cohibas you bought from a homeless guy on a beach in the Bahamas for 50 bucks? Nah.