Pipe and Esoterica Tobacco Bundles

Pipe and Esoterica Tobacco Bundles

Esoterica and Germain tobaccos have become the bane of retailers. Small and slow production, long wait times between shipments and excessive hoarding by resellers and the mentally ill. It has become a true Unicorn. For two weeks before and two weeks after an Esoterica shipment arrives in the states, our small staff must field dozens of phonecalls weekly for a product that we recieve a very small amount of. Inevitably these callers will never become a steady customers They will purchase the limit of product and never be seen again until the next drop. Enough.

Watch City has adopted the following policy regarding Esoterica- Margate, Pembroke, Dunbar and Dorchester will be posted WHEN AVAILABLE on our Esoterica Page. If there are no items listed in stock, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY. If you call and ask when Esoterica will arrive you will be told to keep checking the page. No phone orders for Esoterica will be taken. We do not hold any rare or limited tobaccos for anyone for any reason.

The so called "Unicorn Blends" when available will be bundled here with certain pipes. As a retailer we are required to purchase these specific pipe brands in order to simply qualify to get Esoterica. If you have an issue with this? Well... in line with our slogan of "We're not Rude we're Boston Nice", too bad.

The following Pipe/Esoterica bundles are sold under the following agreement. By purchasing a pipe and Esoterica bundle, you agree that if the pipe is not to your liking or flawed in some way, you must return the unopened tobacco along with the pipe. When we recieve the pipe and tobacco back in factory condition a full refund will be issued.

Those of you who aren't interested in the tobacco and just want to purchase the pipe may call us at (508) 628-0112 and we will gladly alter the price and sell you the pipe alone.


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