Avo Expressions LE 2024 6.5x50

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  • Avo Expressions LE 2024 Single
  • Avo Expressions LE 2024 Box of 15
  • Avo Expressions LE 2024 Closed Box
$18.00 - $270.00


Avo Expressions 2024 – A limited edition born from a legacy of artistry and the spirit of individuality; this exclusive release captures the essence of expression. Embrace your palate, define your moment, express your story.

Upon lighting, delight in the sweet cream and cedarwood flavors of the Avo Expressions. Progressing through the cigar, rich notes of coffee and spice emerge, courtesy of its barrel-aged tobacco. Entering the final third, a trio of caramel, buttercream, and roasted coffee unfolds, creating a cigar masterfully designed to please the senses.

Taste Notes:

1/3 - Sweet Cream, Cedarwood

2/3 - Coffee, Clove, Nougat

3/3 - Caramel, Buttercream, Roasted Coffee

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