Meshugaas (Sold in 1 Pound Bags Only)

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  • Mishugaas


Pronounced /meSHoo­gäs/, it is the Yiddish word for 'mad or idiotic ideas or behavior'  (‘there's method in this man's meshugaas’). This perfectly describes  our blender's mindset when he comes up with ideas for new pipe tobaccos. When you walk by our little blending room, its like walking past Willy Wonka's factory, except all the Oompa Loompa's are high on dope. There's always a flurry of smells and sounds (usually profane) and when Ernie Q. finishes for the day, there's inevitably a mess of  leftover tobaccos on the blending table (and on the shelves, in the light fixtures & etc.)

This is a mishmash of different tobaccos salvaged from the wake of a mad blender. It'll never be the same (Though we'll update here with what we THINK is in the latest batch) but it'll always only be $19.99 a pound. Because of the nature of this blend, we offer no returns, refunds or exchanges on Mishugass,

Ernie Q's description of the current evolution of Mesgugaas- "I have Go***da**** F****** clue what's in this stuff!".


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